Audio Interface Design

Specializing in custom user interfaces, third-party control, and
system design for Soundweb™ London by BSS Audio™.

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Hotel Restaurant and Lobby

Hotel Audio Processing
Each zone is calibrated separately for optimum sound

For the utmost in elegance and sound quality, an integrated audio system is a must for hotels catering to discerning customers. Speakers carefully chosen by the architects and engineers to blend with the decor, paired with a frequency-calibrated audio system, provide a premium background sound experience, whether playing audio from a CD player or distributing the performance of a live pianist throughout the area.

Hotel Control Panel
Control panels can be customized to match hotel decor

In this hypothetical hotel, a restaurant is conveniently situated by the hotel lobby. A PC running a custom control panel designed by Audio Interface Design allows hotel or restaurant staff to control the sound experience in each audio zone, with colors and labels customized to match the hotel color scheme and style for a completely integrated experience.

Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center Control Panel
The on-site technician can manually or automatically assign room groups

Exhibition centers typically use movable partitions to accomodate a wide variety of meetings, conferences, and presentations. The sound system must be reconfigurable to send audio from the correct microphones to the correct speakers. Using the Room Combine module, the audio system can configure itself automatically using sensors that monitor the states of the movable partitions. An on-site technician can also configure the system manually for situations where there are no such sensors, or where an unusual audio setup is required. A control panel created by Audio Interface Design to mimic the exhibition center floor plan allows the technician to monitor the system at a glance and make any necessary changes.

Partitioned Church or Lecture Hall

Church/Lecture Hall Logic
This small section of a logic system handles power switching rules for a sound system and a projector

As technology advances, users expect more and more from a sound system. As with the example of the exhibition center, movable partitions allow a large chapel or lecture space to be divided into smaller classrooms as needed. However, in most cases an on-site technician is not available, so infrared door sensors must configure the system automatically. Audio Interface Design can implement the complex logic required, as well as provide a convenient custom user interface to simplify initial system configuration.

Home Theater

Home Theater Equalization
A custom control panel with measured frequency calibration

One of the greatest challenges in a home theater is matching the sound of the speakers to each other and to the room. Even in a well-designed room, interactions between the speakers and their surroundings can color the sound in undesirable ways. Audio Interface Design can provide a London Architect design that allows the user to fully correct each channel's response independently, as well as provide comprehensive bass management.

As convenience is of the utmost importance in a high-end home theater, custom control panels can be used to control the audio system, projection screens, and curtain motors, using contact closure outputs or RS-232. When running on an HTPC, the custom control panel provides a convenient interface for system control. Additionally, a Soundweb London system designed by Audio Interface Design can be easily integrated into a third-party control system such as those from Crestron or AMX, or a custom-developed Java control system from Audio Interface Design.